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A Food Evolution in New Orleans Sets Trends for Entrepreneurs in the Industry | Forbes

In New Orleans, the food is never too spicy, babies come from cakes, natural disasters are commemorated in sugary cocktail concoctions, the sandwiches come dressed to impress, local food is honored with weekend-long festivals, and weekends begin promptly at lunchtime on Friday. With distinct food and traditions that date back to the city’s founding, New Orleans has always taken its food seriously, and, as a result, has resisted changing its food patterns in the past.
The Seared Tuna Salad from City Greens is made using from fresh ingredients from their hydroponic farm.

However, these days, New Orleans is lingering on the edge of tradition and progression. With new industries igniting the region and a prolific influx of young entrepreneurs and professionals contributing to the city’s renaissance, the culinary domain has also witnessed its own evolution.

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