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In Plaquemines Parish, hard against the water means hard times | Alexandria Town Talk

As residents and officials across southern Louisiana continue cleaning up and rebuilding from Isaac's destruction, many in this parish are asking why their communities were so relentlessly hammered by floods -- and whether it's worth rebuilding.

Plaquemines Parish, 12 miles south of New Orleans, is a skinny spit of land that follows the Mississippi River down to the Gulf of Mexico. It was one of the worst-hit areas during Isaac, which entered Louisiana just west of the parish.

Work crews last week launched the massive clean-up effort of Plaquemines. Workers righted downed power lines, as giant pumps continued pumping water out of the parish. On a stretch of Louisiana Highway 23, an excavator plucked bloated cattle carcasses from the side of the road and piled them into a flatbed truck. Some 2,000 head of cattle drowned during the storm, according to parish officials...

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