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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Eating outside the bowl - #BestofNOLA restaurant scene away from the Superdome | Gambit New Orleans

The Wandering Buddha serves vegan Korean cuisine. - Photo by Ian McNulty
Carnival season temporarily redraws the New Orleans map each year with parade routes, surging crowds and parking issues. Locals have grown adept at adjusting their plans accordingly, and that includes dining. A similar spirit of improvisation and adaptability will be especially valuable for anyone interested in dining out this week as Super Bowl XLVII rolls into town.

The entire week leading up to Sunday's game in the Superdome should play out like a giant convention/networking event and photo op for the sponsors, celebrities and high rollers who inhabit the NFL off the gridiron. As any local tourism official will tell you, New Orleans makes a great Super Bowl city because so many of the hotels, restaurants, events halls and attractions are within walking distance of the Superdome. That means all of this action is clustered there, too.

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New Orleans live music #bestofnola during Super Bowl weekend

Are you here for the Super Bowl or Mardi Gras? Take in some live, local music. For up-to-the-minute listings, visit OFFBEAT MAGAZINE's music listings page!  
Listen like a local and tune into WWOZ 90.7 FM

Support New Orleans Music Education by Watching A Brief Video | Relix

The Roots of Music “promotes self-sufficiency, working directly with economically disadvantaged at risk youth in New Orleans, developing the talent of young musicians while helping increase academic achievement and decrease at-risk behavior.” For every view of the clip below through Super Bowl Sunday, the StubHub Foundation will donate $1 to the organization (up to $50,000).

The Roots of Music Program fills a void in music education programs in New Orleans educational institutions. Where marching bands were always an integral part of the New Orleans middle schools, this has changed drastically after Katrina and many schools don’t offer music programs anymore. Today the program serves over 100 students, making up a full marching band that is successfully parading the city since Mardi Gras 2009.
Read more via Relix

Officials tout Loyola streetcar line as 'stimulus' project that worked |

The new Loyola Avenue streetcar line in the
New Orleans Central Business District. (Photo by
Infrogmation of New Orleans via flickr)
The new streetcar line, running a 1.5 mile loop between Union Passenger Terminal and Canal Street, was paid for with a $45 million grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and the swath of local and federal officials who gathered on Monday for its inaugural ride gave the project credit for doing what the stimulus was supposed to do: create jobs and spur development.

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Mardi Gras revelry on hold — for a Super Bowl party | Minneapolis Star Tribune

New Orleans police are in the middle of an unprecedented security challenge with an estimated 150,000 Super Bowl fans packing the city during the raucous annual buildup to Mardi Gras, when thousands of revelers flock to the historic French Quarter and its restaurants, bars and strip clubs.

It all began in earnest Friday night with the first of the city's major float-filled Mardi Gras season parades. This week, the parade schedule is on hold while the Super Bowl takes center stage. Mardi Gras preparations resume once Sunday's game is over and the parades roll again starting Wednesday.

Read more via Minneapolis Star Tribune

New Orleans News Clippings #BestOfNOLA
Follow @nola411 for news and information clippings from New Orleans, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

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New Orleanians point tourists on Twitter to the #BestofNOLA | WWL

Thanks to a new Twitter campaign, locals are already pointing tourists their way. The idea is simple. Locals tweet restaurants, nightlife, or really any kinds of recommendations using the hashtag #BestofNOLA.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mid City Bud's Broiler will reopen for Endymion | NOLA Defender

In just a couple of weeks, Mid City meat lovers will reclaim their favorite burger joint. The original Bud's Broiler (500 City Park Avenue) is nearly operational after a fire wiped out part of the kitchen in October. They’ve been slinging patties on their black skillet since 1952, and owner Shannon McGuire is anxious to get back in business. The restaurant will reopen for Endymion...

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authentic New Orleans Super Bowl party menu with recipes from real New Orleanians |

"When others claim food is Cajun or Creole, they usually over-spice with pepper and don't layer flavor with a good blend of spices and textures," writes Ashli Richard Morris. "Real local food is made by yer momma and dem."

Authentic New Orleans food is "soul, seafood and quality," Personal chef Kenneth Temple said. "And quantity. We definitely enjoy the lagniappe! We have that driving passion."…

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Hey, mister! Throw me some hydrochlorofluorocarbons! | The Lens NOLA

The Greening Mardi Gras conference scheduled for Tuesday evening will be a forum for discussion of ways to wallow in the delights of New Orleans in sustainable ways, reducing pollution and plastic imports while supporting the local artists and producers who are creating alternative throws. These homegrown artifacts are not just gentler on the environment, they’re a potentially fresh market for talented and entrepreneurial New Orleanians.

In all, about 25 million pounds of Mardi Gras beads are shipped to New Orleans each year, During the run-up to Carnival 2012, Beads by the Dozen owner Dan Kelly said his company would be importing about 8 million pounds of plastic beads, of which about 60 percent, or 4.8 million pounds, are thrown during the Carnival season.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Pelicans Are Happening | Wall Street Journal

Plenty of NBA team names don’t make much sense. Los Angeles isn’t particularly known for its lakes, nor has Utah produced a rich line of jazz musicians. With these incongruities in mind, the New Orleans Hornets are set to announce a name change to the Pelicans on Thursday, giving the team a closer tie to local culture. (The pelican is Louisiana’s state bird, appearing on both the state flag and the state seal.) Their colors will change to blue, gold and red, and will be adopted for the 2013-14 NBA season. The move has been a while coming; it was initially rumored back in December, and aligns with new owner Tom Benson’s desire to rebrand the franchise...

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5 Reasons To Visit New Orleans Aside From The Super Bowl | Huffington Post

Sure, you could easily fill your trip to the Super Bowl with sporting events and activities all surrounding the Superdome, but the game happens to be in New Orleans. NOLA. The Big Easy. And a visit to this eccentric and historic town just wouldn't be complete without experiencing at least one of the many things that make it such a unique destination. So, make your reservations, then make plans for these five must-dos. While you may or may not come home with a national championship, you'll definitely leave with a new appreciation for this bayou city...

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The Music Box could become a permanent New Orleans attraction |

The Music Box was an enchanting installation of musical sculpture on an empty Piety Street lot in the Bywater neighborhood. The installation became the site of a splendidly strange experimental concert series in 2011 and 2012.
Avant-garde art lovers lined up for a half-block for a chance to sit in the rough-hewn stands – or on the cold bricks for that matter – to watch musicians coax cogent sounds from the clunking, plunking, whirring, plinking instruments, which were made from plumbing pipe, floor boards, a spiral stair and other architectural debris. Each eccentric music-making device was housed in an individual shack, crudely constructed from recycled wood and building supplies. Hence the name: shantytown.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Idea Village announces plans for its fifth and largest Entrepreneur |

The entrepreneurship promoters at The Idea Village in New Orleans have announced the lineup for their culminating annual event, Entrepreneur Week, in March, a festival celebrating enterprising ventures that includes contests where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas in front of judges and audiences and educational seminars covering the needs of upstart companies. This year, 43 startups will compete for investment money, 780 entrepreneurs will participate in educational events and 3,000 people, including financiers, business leaders and students, will attend.
The Big Idea Challenge is the culminating event of The Idea Village's New Orleans Entrepreneur Week. In 2013, the festival for entrepreneurship takes place in March at Gallier Hall, with 3,000 participants expected. Delta Regional Authority

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Travel Channel's Adam Richman Talks About His Appreciation for New Orleans |

DT Akiem Hicks took part in the filming of the Travel
Channel's "Super Bowl Tailgate Takeover" in New Orleans
on Monday, January 21, 2013. Photos taken by Alex Restrepo.
The Travel Channel is in New Orleans this week to film a “Super Bowl Tailgate Takeover” special.

Host Adam Richman, from the Travel Channel show “Man v. Food”, is filming a number of spots for the show around the Crescent City. DT Akiem Hickstook part in a boudin ball tasting session with Richman for the show on Monday. The special will premiere on Wednesday, Jan. 30 at 8 pm CT on the Travel Channel.

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Creole Spices Power a Super Bowl Feast | New York Times

With New Orleans hosting the Super Bowl on February 3, there is reason for those of us who swoon over a slow-roasted pork butt rather than a soaring pigskin, and covet oysters on the half-shell over the halftime show, to be more enthusiastic than usual. The city’s rich culinary history, laden with exotic influences along with its experience hosting a decadent party, presents an excellent opportunity for a delicious Creole-inspired meal…
Evan Sung / The New York Times

Read more via New York Times

New Orleans city officials don't want to see Super Bowl price gouging | WVUE-TV

The New Orleans Taxicab Bureau doesn't want to hear about any taxicabs or pedicabs over-charging visitors during Super Bowl. For many people, price gouging during a big event is nothing new. With thousands of people descending upon New Orleans for the Super Bowl, city officials say they will watch to make sure taxicabs and pedicabs don't over-charge for rides …
FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jazz Fest 2013 Posters Feature Aaron Neville & Buckwheat Zydeco


Posters have long been a commodity of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, aka Jazz Fest. Collectors rush to buy their coveted signed, numbered editions early and annually. This year’s posters, unveiled Tuesday, is the 39th in the annual poster series, highlighting Aaron Neville, singing with his tambourine in hand. The Congo Square poster is zydeco musician Stanley Dural, Jr., known since the age of four as “Buckwheat Zydeco.”

Read more via New Orleans Stuff

Former Mayor Ray Nagin sought to live anonymously in fast-growing Dallas suburb |

Photo by Gordon Russell, | The Times-Picayune
Frisco, Texas -- It would be hard to think of a place in America more unlike New Orleans than this one -- by some accounts the nation's fastest-growing city, a place where cranes and bulldozers are converting ranch land into ranch homes at a dizzying pace, and where the dining options boil down to a choice among Applebee's, Chili's or the Olive Garden. But this is where Ray Nagin has chosen to settle down: in a quiet subdivision of 300 modest townhomes called Bella Casa, with streets named after Italian cities, backing up to the Dallas Parkway...

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Carnival and Super Bowl combo has EMS gearing up for extra work | WWL

Bill Capo / Eyewitness News

Every year New Orleans Emergency Medical Service has to deal with all kinds of problems during Carnival celebrations. But in 2013, the Super Bowl could add even more problems to an already very busy time for EMS. The Super Bowl adds the equivalent of a third weekend of Carnival to the EMS schedule.
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Show your wits: what NOT to do during Mardi Gras |

Even the most mild-mannered desk jockey goes wild in New Orleans for Mardi Gras; something in the air during Carnival season has everyone flying their freak flags just a little higher. And, look, we want you to have fun while you’re here for Mardi Gras – we really do! But any local or parade veteran will tell you that there are a few definitive rules that make Carnival season all fun, with no visits to the emergency room or general lockup. So while you’re planning your trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, a few thing to keep in mind...

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Louisiana bands & military members participate in presidential inauguration | WWL

When President Barack Obama is sworn into office for a second term Monday, Louisiana and south Mississippi will be represented by college bands, an honored community volunteer and local members of the military.

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More gas bubbling to surface in Bayou Corne sinkhole properties |

More natural gas has been seen bubbling in the Bayou Corne community and nearby woods after heavy rains this month, the Advocate reported Saturday.

Assumption Parish's Cajun swampland settlement has been evacuated over five months since a large "sinkhole" developed and the Napoleonville Salt Dome began collapsing.

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Super Bowl 2013 guide to food, drink and fun in New Orleans |

Super Bowl 2013 visitors, particularly fans of the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, will pour into New Orleans soon, looking for food, drink, fun, and, maybe, a little football when the Feb. 3 contest rolls around. Our staff seeks those same things year round, so we have assembled our best reporting on New Orleans bars and restaurants to help you navigate.

It's going to be busy in New Orleans, so check to see if the planned, mobile app designed to report on restaurant wait times has come online.

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Louisiana Derby Infield Festival tickets go on sale Jan. 21 at Fair Grounds website | Bayoubuzz

Tickets for the inaugural Louisiana Derby Infield Festival go on sale Jan 21. The Fair Grounds Race Course announced plans for the outdoor festival in November. Tied to the 100th running of the Louisiana Derby on March 30, the festival centers on a concert by popular New Orleans band Cowboy Mouth. The festival audience will be the first since the 1930s to watch races from the Fair Grounds infield.

Read more via bayoubuzz

Harbaughs Geaux to Super Bowl: San Francisco to Face Baltimore in New Orleans | Breitbart

Brothers Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, and John Harbaugh, head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, will face each other in the Super Bowl in New Orleans in two weeks.

The game between the 49ers and the Ravens should be a doozy, pitting San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his dynamic read-option offense against Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis and the vaunted Ravens defense in what will be Lewis's last game in the NFL. San Francisco stout defense will battle a Ravens offense that has been dangerous in the playoffs.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2013 JazzFest talent lineup

The New Orleans & Heritage Festival announces Jazz Fest roster of musicians for 2013.

2013 Jazz Fest headliners include: Frank Ocean, The Black Keys, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel, Widespread Panic, Hall & Oates, Maroon 5, Willie Nelson, John Mayer and many, many more...

The festival spans 2 weekends, April 26-28 and May 2-5.

Day-by-day list of artists, which is subject to change, includes...

Friday, April 26

John Mayer, Gary Clark Jr., George Benson, Band of Horses, Joshua Redman Quartet, Dr. John, Campbell
Brothers, Sonny Landreth, George Porter, Jr. & Runnin’ Pardners, Terrance Simien with special guest Queen Ida,
Chris Owens backed by Her Hot Rhythms Band, Jeremy Davenport, The New Orleans R&B Diva Revue feat.
The Dixie Cups, Jean Knight, and Wanda Rouzan with the Brian Quezergue Band, Donald Harrison, Wayne
Toups & ZyDeCajun , John Mooney & Bluesiana, Tricia Boutté & International Friends, Le Vent du Nord of
Canada, Charmaine Neville Band, New Orleans Suspects, Bruce Daigrepont Cajun Band, Paul Sanchez & the
Rolling Road Show, New Orleans Bingo! Show, Doc McKenzie & the Hi-Lites, The Soul Rebels, John Lawrence
& Ven Pa’ Ca Flamenco Ensemble with guests Antonio Hildago and Javier Heredia of Spain, The New Orleans
Guitar Quartet feat. Jimmy Robinson, John Rankin, Phil DuGruy, and Cranston Clements, Stoney Creek and
Yellow Bird Indian Dancers, Jamal Batiste presents JAM-ALL, Flow Tribe, The Breton Sound, Corey Ledet &
His Zydeco Band, Washboard Chaz Blues Trio, Bryan Lee & the Blues Power Band, James Rivers Movement,
Leroy Jones & New Orleans’ Finest, Fredy Omar con su Banda, True Man Posse, Mark McGrain & Plunge, St.
Joseph the Worker Music Ministry Choir, Zulu Gospel Male Choir, Brice Miller & Mahogany Brass Band,
Semolian Warriors and Comanche Hunters Mardi Gras Indians, T’Monde, Los Po-Boy-Citos, Original Dixieland
Jazz Band, Tommy Sancton & the New Orleans Legacy Band, The Mashup feat. Terence Higgins, Ike
Stubblefield, and Grant Green, Jr., with special guest Ron Holloway, Chris Clifton & His Allstars, Young
Pinstripe Brass Band, Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church Mass Choir, Geronimo Hunters and Creole
Osceolas Mardi Gras Indians, OperaCreole, Xavier University Jazz Band, Guitar Slim, Jr., Henry Gray & the
Cats, Donnie Bolden, Jr. & Spirit of Elijah, Friendly Travelers, Zulu, Big Nine, Keep N It Real, and We Are One
Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs, Young Audience Brass Band Throwdown, Shamarr Allen presents music clinic
students and Upset, McMain High School Talented-in-Theater Performers, Pastor Terry Gullage & the Greater
Mt. Calvary Voices of Redemption, The ISL Circus Arts Kids, Soulfruit, Black Mohawk and Black Foot Hunters
Mardi Gras Indians

Saturday, April 27

Billy Joel, Jill Scott, Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite, Allen Toussaint, Rebirth Brass Band, Andrew Bird,
Eddie Palmieri Salsa Orchestra, Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk, Charles Bradley, Irvin Mayfield & the New
Orleans Jazz Orchestra, Jon Cleary, Daryl Coley, Anders Osborne, Dwayne Dopsie & the Zydeco Hellraisers,
Lost Bayou Ramblers, Deacon John, Voice of the Wetlands All-Stars, A Tribe Called Red, Magary Lord of
Bahia-Brazil, Gerald French & the Original Tuxedo Jazz Band: A Tribute to Bob French, Astral Project, Stoney
Creek and Yellow Bird Indian Dancers, Lionel Ferbos & the Palm Court Jazz Band, Big Chief Walter Cook &
Creole Wild West, Alex McMurray, Lil Buck Sinegal’s Blues Band, Michael Ward, Tribute to Sidney Bechet
feat. Dr. Michael White, Donald Harrison, Brian “Breeze” Cayolle, and Roderick Paulin, Herbert Hardesty
Presents, Jason Marsalis, Mississippi Rail Company, Classie Ballou & the Family Band, Jambalaya Cajun Band,
Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole, John Michael Rouchell, The Kid Carsons, Alexis & the Samurai, Tim Laughlin,
Wendell Brunious, Lance Ellis, Zena Moses & Rue Fiya, Robin Barnes, Gregg Stafford & his Young Tuxedo Jazz
Band, Johnny J & the Hitmen, Sharon Martin, Panorama Jazz Band, Storyville Stompers Brass Band, Tyronne
Foster & the Arc Singers, Loyola University Jazz Band, Ted Winn, Tonia Scott & the Anointed Voices, New
Wave Brass Band, Voices of Peter Claver, Dumaine Gang, Divine Ladies, and Family Ties Social Aid & Pleasure
Clubs, 101 Runners, Golden Comanche and Seminoles Mardi Gras Indians, Treater “Le Traiteur de Bayou”,
Stephen Foster’s Foster Family Music Program, Real Untouchables Brass Band, The Jones Sisters, The Bester
Singers, Dynamic Smooth Family Gospel Singers, The Voices of Distinction, Nine Times Men, Single Ladies,
Single Men, and Lady Jetsetters Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs, Ashe Cultural Arts Center Kuumba Institute, Red,
White & Blue and Wild Mohicans Mardi Gras Indians, First Emanuel Baptist Church Mass Choir, Young Band
Nation Blues Project, Algiers Charter Schools Association Torch Bearers

Sunday, April 28

Dave Matthews Band, Earth, Wind & Fire, B.B. King, Gipsy Kings, Juan Luis Guerra y 440, Kermit Ruffins &
the Barbecue Swingers, Dianne Reeves, The Nevilles, Better Than Ezra, Little Joe y La Familia, Calexico, C.J.
Chenier & the Red Hot Louisiana Band, Honey Island Swamp Band, Little Freddie King Blues Band, Big Chief
Monk Boudreaux & the Golden Eagles, Treme Brass Band’s Tribute to Uncle Lionel Batiste, Steve Riley & the
Mamou Playboys, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Martha Redbone, The Selvy Singers, Brother Tyrone & the
Mindbenders, Luther Kent & Trickbag, Magary Lord of Bahia-Brazil, Kristin Diable & The City, Andrew Duhon,
Rumba Buena, Gregg Stafford & the Jazz Hounds, Tribute to Kid Ory: Hot Trombones, The Zion Harmonizers,
Midnite Disturbers, Raw Oyster Cult, Keith Frank & the Soileau Zydeco Band, Khris Royal & Dark Matter,
Hurray for the Riff Raff, Don Vappie & the Creole Jazz Serenaders, Clive Wilson’s New Orleans Serenaders with
guest Butch Thompson, Stoney Creek and Yellow Bird Indian Dancers, AsheSon, Jo “Cool” Davis with guests BJ
Crosby and Barbara Shorts, Famous Rocks of Harmony, Vivaz!, Smitty Dee’s Brass Bad, Ninth Ward Hunters
and Ninth Ward Navajo Mardi Gras Indians, Natalie Mae & Her Unturned Tricks, The Blues Masters feat. Big Al
Carson, Jesse McBride presents the Next Generation Big Band, Leroy Thomas & the Zydeco Roadrunners, The
Shannon Powell Quintet feat. Charlie Gabriel, Bamboula 2000, Kid Simmons’ Local International Allstars, The
Session, Tuba Skinny, Tornado Brass Band, Calvin Johnson, Franklin Avenue Baptist Church Mass Choir, Kim
Che’re, Dog Hill Stompers, Culu Children’s Traditional African Dance Company & Stiltwalkers, Big Steppers,
Furious Five, and Untouchables Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs, Johnette Downing and Scott Billington, Tulane
University Jazz Ensemble, “Sundays in Congo Square” presented by the Congo Square Preservation Society,
Rising Dragon Lion Dance Team, Kai Knight’s Silhouette Dance Ensemble, The First Division, Olympia Aid,
New Look, and Men of Class Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs, Golden Star Hunters and Big Chief Kevin Goodman
& the Flaming Arrows Mardi Gras Indians, Nineveh Baptist Church Mass Choir, McTeggart Irish Dancers, Rose
Anne Ste. Romain, Bishop Sean Elder & The Mt. Herman Baptist Church Mass Choir, Shawee Indians and Black
Eagles Mardi Gras Indians

Thursday, May 2

Patti Smith, Widespread Panic, Kem, Roy Ayers, The
Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Henry Butler, Theresa Andersson, Lil’ Nathan & the Zydeco Big Timers, Shamarr Allen
& the Underdawgs, The 35th Anniversary Celebration of One Mo’ Time!, Glen David Andrews, Pura Fé, Geno Delafose & French Rockin’ Boogie, Hot 8 Brass Band,
Rosie Ledet & the Zydeco Playboys, Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes, Banu Gibson & Hot Jazz feat. The
Anderson Twins, Meschiya Lake & the Little Big Horns, Pokey LaFarge, Drink Small, Ingrid Lucia, Blended
Voices feat. Germaine Bazzle, Phillip Manuel, and Leslie Smith, The Bolton Brothers, Mia Borders, Dee-1, Kirk
Joseph’s Backyard Groove, Balfa Toujours, Maggie Koerner, Jumpin’ Johnny Sansone, Delfeayo Marsalis & the
Uptown Jazz Orchestra, The Honeypots, The Mercy Brothers, Orange Kellin’s New Orleans DeLuxe Orchestra,
Gravy, Native Nations Intertribal, Salio from the Republic of Georgia, Fi Yi Yi & the Mandingo Warriors, The
Roots of Music Marching Crusaders, Mark Brooks & Friends with guest Barbara Shorts, Original Pinettes Brass
Band, Kid Merv & All That Jazz, Kidd Jordan and the Improvisational Arts Quintet, J. Monque’D Blues Band,
Jeffery Broussard & the Creole Cowboys, Quinten Corvette, Big Chief Iron Horse & the Black Seminoles Mardi
Gras Indians, Kumbuka African Dance & Drum Collective, Grupo Sensacion, Louisiana Repertory Jazz Band,
The Last Straws, Woodshed: Hammond B3 feat. Kyle Roussel and Joe Ashlar, UNO Jazz Allstars, Lyle Henderon
& Emmanu-EL, Grayhawk presents Native American Lore & Tales, Forgotten Souls Brass Band, Ms. Lala, The
Revolution, Ladies of Unity, and VIP Ladies Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs, Jesuit High School Jazz Band, Josh
Kagler & Harmonistic Praise Crusade, Delgado Community College Jazz Band, The Chapman Family, Angela
the Yarnspinner, Cheyenne and 7th Ward Creole Hunters Mardi Gras Indians, Pocket Aces Brass Band,
McDonogh #35 High School Gospel Choir, Eleanor McMain “Singing Mustangs” Choir, O. Perry Walker Charter
High School Gospel Choir, Young Audiences Performance Arts Showcase, Pastor Tyrone Jefferson, The Adams
Middle School Players

Friday, May 3

Willie Nelson, Jimmy Cliff, Marc Broussard, Tab Benoit, Laura Bell Bundy, Maroon 5, Marcia Ball, Ana
Popovic, The Mavericks, Jerry Douglas, Irma Thomas’ Tribute to Mahalia Jackson, Amanda
Shaw & the Cute Guys, Papa Grows Funk, Rockin’ Dopsie, Jr. & the Zydeco Twisters, The Iguanas, BeauSoleil avec Michael
Doucet with special guest Jo-El Sonnier, Malê Debalê of Bahia-Brazil, Los Hombres Calientes feat. Bill Summers
and Irvin Mayfield, The Cookers feat. Billy Harper, Eddie Henderson, David Weiss, Craig Handy, George
Cables, Cecil McBee, and Billy Hart, Holly Williams, Nicholas Payton XXX, Brushy One String of Jamaica, Gal
Holiday & the Honky Tonk Revue, Coco Robicheaux Tribute feat. The Spiritland Band, Spencer Bohren, Bill
Miller, Ms. Ruby Wilson, Leah Chase, Fleur Debris Superband feat. Zigaboo Modeliste, George Porter, Jr.,
Nicholas Payton, and David Torkanowsky, Corey Henry & Treme Funket, Kirk Joseph’s Tuba Tuba, Stooges
Brass Band, Shades of Praise, The Branchettes, Patrice Fisher & Arpa with guests from Germany and Mexico,
New Leviathan Oriental Fox-Trot Orchestra, Royal Teeth, David Egan and 20 Years of Trouble, Grayson Capps,
Horace Trahan & the Ossun Express, Kim Carson, Aurora Nealand & The Royal Roses, Topsy Chapman & Solid
Harmony, A Tribute to Hadley Castille feat. Sarah & the Sharecroppers, Pinstripe Brass Band, Native Nations
Intertribal, Oneida Longhouse Singers and Dancers, Christian Winther — Soul House, Murder the Stout, Kora
Konnection, Bari Koral, University of Miami Jazz Band, New Orleans Indian Rhythm Section, Jamil Sharif, Betty
Winn & One A-Chord, Young Magnolias, Golden Sioux, and Young Cherokee Mardi Gras Indians, Connie &
Dwight with The St. Raymond & St. Leo the Great Gospel Choir, Andrew Hall’s Memories of New Orleans, 21st
Century Brass Band, Scene Boosters, Lady Rollers, Original Big Seven, and Original Four Social Aid & Pleasure
Clubs, Jonté Landrum Thomas, Calliope Puppet Theater, KID smART Showcase, Young Fellaz Brass Band,
Sensational Chosen Voices, New Orleans Hispano America Dance Group, Voices of Fannie C. Williams Charter
School Choir / Recorder Ensemble, Red Hawk and White Cloud Hunters Mardi Gras Indians, City of Love Music
& Worship Arts

Saturday, May 4

Fleetwood Mac, Phoenix, Little Big Town, Frank Ocean, The Little Willies, Los Lobos, Galactic, Stanley
Clarke/George Duke Project, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Mutemath, VaShawn Mitchell, Terence Blanchard,
Cowboy Mouth, Bonerama, Davell Crawford, Robert Mirabal, Roddie Romero & the Hub City All Stars, Chubby
Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band, Jonathon “Boogie” Long & the Blues Revolution, Eric Lindell, Dr. Michael
White & the Original Liberty Jazz Band feat. Thais Clark, Germaine Bazzle, The Revivalists, The Boutté Family
Gospel, Sunpie & the Louisiana Sunspots, Red Stick Ramblers, Joe Krown Trio feat. Walter “Wolfman”
Washington and Russell Batiste, Jr., The New Orleans Hip Hop Experience feat. DJ Mike Swift, DJ Poppa, 3D
Na’tee, Dobama and N.O.V., Sharde Thomas & the Rising Star Fife & Drum Band, Luke Winslow-King, Kevin
Gordon, Kenny Neal, Tonia & the Left Field Band, Reggie Hall & the Twilighters feat. Lady Bee, JD & the
Straight Shot, Yvette Landry, Bill Summers & Jazalsa, Malê Debalê of Bahia-Brazil, Paulin Brothers Brass Band,
Lars Edegran & the New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra, Dukes of Dixieland, Native Nations Intertribal, Oneida
Longhouse Singers and Dancers, Kinfolk Brass Band, Mariachi Jalisco, Aaron Fletcher, Goldman Thibodeaux &
the Lawtell Playboys, Cha Wa, Tom Saunders & the Tomcats, Naydja CoJoe, Black Feathers, Mohawk Hunters,
and Cherokee Hunters Mardi Gras Indians, The Johnson Extension, Curtis Pierre-the Samba Man & the Samba
Kids, Minister Jai Reed, The Mighty Supremes, Free Agents Brass Band, Westbank Steppers, Valley of Silent
Men, and Nine Times Ladies Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs, Reverend Jermaine Landrum & the Abundant Praise
Revival Choir, The Wimberly Family Gospel Singers, Al Berard Family Band, Young Guardians of the Flame
Mardi Gras Indians, Jeannine Pasini Beekman, SUBR Jazzy Jags, Baby Boyz Brass Band, Archdiocese of New
Orleans Gospel Choir, Tione Johnson, DJ Raj Smoove, New Generation, Undefeated Divas, Pigeon Town
Steppers, and Uptown Swingers Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs, NORDC Crescent City Lights Youth Theater, The
RRAAMS, Versailles Lion Dance Team, Big Chief Trouble & Trouble Nation and Wild Red Flame Mardi Gras

Sunday, May 5

The Black Keys, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Irma Thomas, Aaron Neville,
Jeffrey Osborne, Taj Mahal & The Real Thing Tuba Band, The Meter Men with Page McConnell, Maze featuring
Frankie Beverly, Wayne Shorter Quartet feat. Danilo Perez, John Patitucci and Brian Blade, The Del McCoury
Band with Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Ellis Marsalis, Walter “Wolfman” Washington & the Roadmasters, Pete
Fountain, New Orleans Classic R&B Recording Revue feat. Clarence “Frogman” Henry, Frankie Ford, Robert
Parker, and Al “Carnival Time” Johnson with Blue Eyed Soul Revue, Bo Dollis & The Wild Magnolias, John
Boutté, Tucka, Kathy Taylor, New Birth Brass Band, Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas, Satan & Adam, Brass-AHolics
“Gogo Brass Funk” Band, Creole String Beans, Pine Leaf Boys, James Andrews & the Crescent City
Allstars, Feufollet, Ernie Vincent & the Top Notes, New Orleans Klezmer Allstars, Brushy One String of
Jamaica, George French & the New Orleans Storyville Jazz Band, Savoy Family Cajun Band, TBC Brass Band,
Bobby Lounge & the Reclinders with Sister RuthAnn Kerr, D.L. Menard & the Louisiana Aces, Otra, Oneida
Longhouse Singers and Dancers, Hot Club of New Orleans, Mark Braud’s New Orleans Jazz Giants, Wild
Tchoupitoulas and Wild Apaches Mardi Gras Indians, New Orleans Nightcrawlers, Julio y Cesar Band, The
Grayhawk Band, Blodie’s Jazz Jam, Leo Jackson & The Melody Clouds, Quiana Lynell & Lush Life, N’Kafu
African Dance Ensemble, Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans, Connie Jones & the Crescent City Jazz Band, New
Orleans Spiritualettes, DJ Captain Charles, Jeff Floyd, Native Nations Intertribal, Val & Love Alive Mass Choir,
Prince of Wales and Original Lady Buckjumpers Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs, War Chief Juan & Jockimo’s
Groove, N.O.C.C.A. Jazz Band, The Heritage School of Music Band, David & Roselyn, Watson Memorial
Teaching Ministries Choir, Cynthia Girtley, Buffalo Hunters and Apache Hunters Mardi Gras Indians, Craig
Adams & Higher Dimensions of Praise, Uptown Music Theater, Highsteppers Brass Band, Javier’s Dance
Company, Original CTC and Ole N Nu Style Fellaz Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs, Adella Adella the Storyteller,
E’Dana & Divinely Destin, Hobgoblin Hill Puppets.

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'Eat Drink Delta' explores the food and culture of the 'soul of the South' |

The Delta feels like a different state, harder around the edges, worn from a history of struggle and poverty, but prouder, too. It’s a place that’s a pilgrimage for blues music fans, food historians, cultural documentarians, and, in recent years, travelers drawn down by the shiny, stylized images of the area shown in glossy magazines such as Garden & Gun.

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Dangers on New Orleans streets don't dim possibilities in new hometown |

We were both new to town, fresh arrivals in New Orleans from the Yankee wilds of New York. We were both entranced by the unique and intoxicating energy of this city and made the commitment to spend our lives here. We had exactly that much in common until Sunday night, and now I sit typing away in a tower on the tip of Canal Street, surrounded by impenetrable fog. Lauren Tanski, a 26-year old from New York who was living and working in the French Quarter, is dead.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Orleans iPhone Game to Launch @ Super Bowl | Mardi Brah

The concept of the Mardi Brah game is a street-style Punt, Pass & Kick competition. We chose this as the gameplay to tie into the Super Bowl in New Orleans. To play the game, you'll select 1 of 4 characters and execute these skills (punting, passing & catching) to earn points and move to the next level. As you level up additional challenges will come into play.

Read more via Mardi Brah

Mississippi River Level Disrupts Supply Chain | NPR

The Mississippi River is at historically low levels. The Army Corps of Engineers says the river will likely be able to stay open through the month, but soon it may be too shallow in parts for barge traffic. There have been calls for the corps to release water from reservoirs along the Mississippi.

Read more via NPR

Circle Food Store begins renovations | WWL

The post-Katrina flood swept into Circle Food 5 feet deep, and new owner Dwayne Boudreau spent years lining up the $8 million needed to repair the store and reopen it. "Basically, we're gonna try to bring back the things we had before,” Boudreau said. “The fresh fruits and vegetables."

Mayor Mitch Landrieu said, "And if you asked people about how's your Momma and 'Nem, and where y'all make groceries at, everybody would say I'll see you down at Circle Foods."
Read more via WWL

What the heck are all these new hotels | Swag's Fest Journal

When a reservation search results in a hotel that I've never heard of, I do a Google search on the street address.  If the hotel has recently changed names, the Google search results usually include pages for both the old and new.  TripAdvisor is another good place to check, they often list previous and alternate names at the bottom of the hotel page.

Read more via Swag's Fest Journal

Monday, January 14, 2013

National World War II Museum, in New Orleans, Expands | New York Times

William Widmer for The New York Times
The project has already taken almost as long as the war it chronicles, and the most difficult part is yet to come. But on Sunday, when the National World War II Museum opens its third building here, it will be just midway through a strategic expansion, creating a $325 million campus of six buildings, extending along three square blocks near the Pontchartrain Expressway. What is promised by 2016 is an epic survey of the American experience during the war...

Read more via New York Times

Mid-City neighbors unhappy with types of stores in major new development | WWL

The more than 100,000 square foot lot, located on North Carrollton Avenue between St. Louis and Bienville Streets, sat vacant for years after Katrina. Now, restaurants, a grocery store, and an Ochsner clinic are set to open in June.

It will also be the first new development along the proposed Lafitte Greenway, a 3.1 mile bicycle and pedestrian path along a former shipping canal and railroad that would run from the French Quarter to Lakeview. The Laffite Greenway Corridor would also include recreational facilities...

 Read more via WWL


Orbitz predicts New Orleans to be hottest destination of 2013 | WWL First News

Thanks in part to the Super Bowl, New Orleans has been named top destination internationally by the Orbitz Insider Index .

The travel site's predictions for 2013 has New Zealand coming in second followed by Charleston.

After ranking as the 8th top destination internationally last year, the Super Bowl and the NCAA Women's Final Four are just part of the reason...

Read more via WWL

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The 38 Essential New Orleans Restaurants, January 2013 | Eater NOLA

Here, now, we present to you the updated Eater 38, our answer to any question that becomes with, "Can you recommend a restaurant..." This list is not the 38 best restaurants in our fine city, but it instead seeks to provide a comprehensive picture of where you can get a great meal regardless of mood. It covers the entire city with some lagniappe love for the West Bank, spans myriad cuisines and should satisfy all of your restaurant needs. These are listed here in no particular order.

Read more via Eater NOLA

Laying Down and the Law on short-term rentals | Gambit

New Orleans' Code of Ordinances Section 54-491.1. addresses short-term rentals, as well as the city's responsibility to publish a semiannual report with a list of violators.

Read more via Gambit

Jazz Fest Talent Announcement on Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Jazz Fest Talent Announcement on Thursday, January 17th!

Check for details

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Louisiana cemeteries sinking, washing away | Record-Searchlight

In this Dec. 29, 2012 photo, a leafless tree stands over graves in the Cheniere Caminada cemetery in Grand Isle, La. Many coastal Louisiana cemeteries are just skeletons of what they used to be. The few trees still standing have been killed by saltwater intrusion from the Gulf. Their leafless branches are suspended above marsh grass left brown and soggy from saltwater that has crept up from beneath the graves. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)
As a young adult, Kathleen Cheramie visited her grandmother's grave in a tree-lined cemetery where white concrete crosses dotted a plot of lush green grass just off Louisiana Highway 1.

Now, the cemetery in Leeville is a skeleton of its former self. The few trees still standing have been killed by saltwater intruding from the Gulf.

Read more via Record-Searchlight

2013 Mardi Gras parade schedule | WWL

2013 Parade schedule
Sat. Jan 19 Krewe du Vieux Quarter 6:30 pm
Sun. Jan. 20 Little Rascals Metairie Noon
Slidellians Slidell 1 pm
Fri. Jan. 25 Cork Quarter 3 pm
Oshun Uptown 6 pm
Cleopatra Uptown 6:30 pm
Sat. Jan. 26 Bilge Slidell Noon
Adonis West bank Noon
Pontchartrain Uptown 1 pm
Choctaw Uptown following
Sparta Uptown 6 pm
Pygmalion Uptown 6:45 pm
Mona Lisa & Moon Pie Slidell 7 pm
Sun. Jan. 27 Carrollton Uptown Noon
Perseus Slidell 1 pm
Dionysus Slidell following
King Arthur Uptown 1:15 pm
Thor Metairie 2 pm
Barkus Quarter 2 pm
Fri. Feb. 1 Herecules Houma 6 pm
Eve Mandeville 7 pm
Excalibur Metairie 7 pm
Atlas Metairie 7:30 pm
Omega Hammond 6:30 pm
Sat. Feb. 2 Krewe de Paws Slidell 10 am
Alla West Bank Noon
Tee Caillou Houma Noon
Nemesis Chalmette 1 pm
Caesar Metairie 6 pm
Olympia Covington 6 pm
Titans Slidell 6:30 pm
Aquarius Houma 6:30 pm
Sun. Feb. 3 Hyacinthians Houma Noon
Titans Houma following
Wed. Feb. 6 Ancient Druids Uptown 6:30 pm
Nyx Uptown 7 pm
Thurs. Feb. 7 Babylon Uptown 5:45 pm
Chaos Uptown 6:30 pm
Muses Uptown 6:30 pm
Fri. Feb. 8 Hermes Uptown 6 pm
D'Etat Uptown 6:30 pm
Selene Slidell 6:30 pm
Aphrodite Houma 6:30 pm
Centurions Metairie 7 pm
Morpheus Uptown 7 pm
Sat. Feb. 9 NOMTOC West bank 10:45 am
Iris Uptown 11 am
Tucks Uptown Noon
Lul Luling Noon
Towapasah Reserve 1 pm
Endymion Mid-City 4:15 pm
Isis Metairie 6 pm
Mardi Gras Houma 6 pm
Sun. Feb. 10 Okeanos Uptown 11 am
Mid-City Uptown 11:45 am
Thoth Uptown Noon
Terreanians Houma 12:30 pm
Des Allemands Des Allemands 1 pm
Du Monde LaPlace 2 pm
Montegut Montegut 2 pm
Bacchus Uptown 5:15 pm
Corps de Napoleon Metairie 5:30 pm
Mon. Feb. 11 Proteus Uptown 5:15 pm
Orpheus Uptown 6 pm
Hera Metairie 6:30 pm
Zeus Metairie 7 pm
Cleopatra Houma 6:30 pm
Mardi Gras Zulu Uptown 8 am
Rex Uptown 10 am
Elks Uptown following
Crescent City Uptown following
Grela Gretna 10 am
Argus Metairie 10 am
Jefferson Metairie follows
Elks-Jeff Metairie follows
Covington Lions Covington 10 am
Lyra Covington 10 am
Houmas Houma 11 am
Kajuns Houma following
Bonne Terre Montegut 4 pm

Read more via WWL Eye On Carnival

Mall of Louisiana closed after large fight breaks out inside | WVLA-TV

A spokeswoman for the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's office told NBC33 News a large fight broke out inside the Mall of Louisiana.
We're told over 200 juveniles were in the food court and in other places in the mall.   Deputies told NBC33 News no one was hurt, and no shots were fired.

Read more via WVLA-TV

Phunny Phorty Phellows announce 2013 Carnival Season | WWL First News

Once again the Phunny Phorty Phellows will take their annual historic streetcar ride Sunday night, announcing that Carnival has begun.

The costumed and masked krewe will assemble at the Willow Street car barn (right off S. Carrollton Ave.) at 6:30pm and will board the streetcar at 7pm sharp.

The krewe will follow the traditional St. Charles Avenue route downtown to Canal Street and circle back.

Read more via WWL

Friday, January 4, 2013

W New Orleans Hotel Boasts Cutting-Edge Renovations | atlantadailyworld

The W New Orleans – French Quarter,offers visitors a private oasis in the vibrant city of New Orleans. The $9 million transformation of W New Orleans – French Quarter is part of a comprehensive renovation strategy, which includes plans to reinvigorate more than 10 of its hotel properties in the US...

Read more via atlantadailyworld

Recon on Café Reconcile |

Courtesy of Cafe Reconcile - rendering of the new courtyard.
A major expansion and renovation has been underway at Café Reconcile for some time, and director of development David Emond is confident the group will be ready to unveil its new café by the end of January.

The café will retain its neighborhood feel, he says, blending updated décor with the homespun artwork that has always decorated the walls. The big change will be in the kitchen...

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New Orleans-Style Barbecue Shrimp |

Photo by: Joseph De Leo
When you want a quick dish full of lusty New Orleans flavor, barbecue shrimp is worth every messy drip. Three tips: Don't overcook the shrimp; cook the shrimp with their heads on because that's where all the flavor is; and have lots of crisp French bread on hand to dip into the sauce...

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