More New Orleans restaurants court vegetarian diners |

V-marked specials on a recent visit to Wayfare included ratatouille arancini rice fritters, with tomato confit, bruschetta with chard and kale and a roasted beet and hummus sandwich with arugula and goat cheese on focaccia. Vegetarians and carnivores have long suffered a Montagues-Capulets sort of relationship, which can make for uneasy dinner dates. Often someone leaves the table unsatisfied. But over the past few years, the two divergent dining approaches are beginning to coexist peacefully at a growing number of local restaurants...
Field roast sausage pinox with chimichurri at Santa Fe Tapas restaurant on St. Charles Avenue. Restaurants like Santa Fe have expanded their menus to include more vegetarian and vegan offerings. (Photo by Kathleen Flynn, / The Times-Picayune) 
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