Reflecting on New Orleans cuisine (blog) | Daily Californian

The alligator sausage and seafood gumbo at Red Fish Grill tasted like a combination of seafood with zesty spiciness.
Because I had a small dinner, I needed to supplement it with a great dessert. There was nothing better to end with than double-chocolate bread pudding with white chocolate ice cream and chocolate almond bark. The dessert was cooked to order, and it came puffy and inflated like a successful souffle. The souffle was not sickeningly sweet because the restaurant used dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, which made it complement the sweeter almond bark and ice cream. Like a perfectly made souffle, the bread pudding was gooey and creamy in the center yet still fluffy, and the chocolate fudge sauce sank into the bread pudding, keeping it warm and moist. The ice cream definitely helped cool down the souffle, and the almond bark added a crunchy texture to the creaminess of the souffle and ice cream.

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