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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New restaurant bars in New Orleans deliver hybrid pleasures for diners |

New Orleans restaurant bars used to feel like holding tanks for patrons awaiting tables. Fun sometimes happened, but clock-watching and growling stomachs were often part of the experience, too.

Not anymore. And, especially not in New Orleans, where bars have become central to the dining experience at long-established flagships such as Galatoire’s, at culinary destinations such as Donald Link’s Peche, and at a host of new places across the city...

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Drilling rig on fire, begins to collapse; relief well to be drilled | WWL

Walter Oil & Gas is hiring a jack-up rig to start drilling a relief well at the site. The jack-up rig will be towed in next to the Hercules drilling rig, where it will start drilling a relief well into the Gulf of Mexico to intercept Hercules' well...

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Fight Over New Orleans Jail Reform Funds to Resume | ABC News

The legal tussle over the costs of reforming the notoriously dangerous New Orleans jail is about to resume in a federal courtroom, where lawyers are expected to press the case that the sheriff doesn't need more money from the city to implement court-ordered improvements aimed at ending violence, poor security and inadequate health care.

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Hangover helpers: What's your cure for too many cocktails? | #totc

"The downside to drinking is, of course, the hangover, an unpleasant topic that has come up numerous times during Tales of the Cocktail's 11 years of seminars and parties," writes Judy Walker. "This year, there was the decidedly more pleasant Hangover Hospital Cocktail Brunch at Café Adelaide and the Swizzle Stick Bar on Saturday."

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hollygrove initiative aims to improve kids' outcomes from birth | The Advocate

City and state officials Tuesday detailed the second phase of a three-year initiative in New Orleans’ Hollygrove neighborhood designed to improve children’s health from birth by helping young mothers with other struggles in their lives.

The program, called Best Babies Zone and funded by a $300,000 grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, is modeled on an approach taken by the Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership in a specific 14-block area in Harlem. That program reduced infant mortality by 50 percent in Harlem and improved birth outcomes.

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Where to Drink During Tales of the Cocktail | The Daily Meal #TOTC

New Orleans knows how to put on a party: where to drink whether you’re boozing at TOTC or not. Cocktails and New Orleans go together like Cajun bites and Sno-balls. It’s no secret that New Orleans may just be home to the most burgeoning cocktail scene in, dare we say, the country (no offense, New Yorkers), so it only makes sense that New Orleans puts on the biggest cocktail party of the year: the Tales of the Cocktail, held July 17 to 21.

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Lionel Ferbos, city's oldest active musician, turns 102 today | WWL

Credit: Dominic Massa
How many 102-year-olds will celebrate their birthday by picking up a trumpet and performing at their own party?  You can expect Lionel Ferbos, New Orleans’ oldest active musician, to do just that tonight, as he celebrates with family and friends.

Ferbos turns 102 on Wednesday, and remains a living legend of New Orleans jazz – still performing regularly at the Palm Court Jazz Café on Decatur Street, where he’ll celebrate his birthday with a special party.  Though he has had some recent minor health issues, he is still performing, and friends expect him to do that, at least for a few songs, tonight.

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