28,000 blighted New Orleans homes mark uneven recovery | WWL

When it comes to the fight against blight in post-Katrina New Orleans, one neighborhood's success only serves to amplify others' struggles.

Real estate agent and developer David Claus represents the clear success of anti-blight efforts in Lakeview, one of the most devastated sections of the city after Hurricane Katrina, but also one of its most wealthy. On Wednesday, he slipped past the busted-in front door of the blighted Lakeview house he purchased the day before, seeing the gutted interior for the first time and making plans to tear it down in the next few weeks.

Claus has purchased and torn down six blighted properties in 2015, including one that got Road Home rebuilding money from the government, but still resembled a jungle shanty on the verge of collapse just last month.

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