New Orleans Cuisine’s Surprising New Flavors | TakePart

It’s just after 4 p.m. on a Friday at Dong Phuong Restaurant and Bakery, and Kevin Tran—a jovial 25-year-old who is heir apparent to the family business—is pouring himself a glass of tap water and laughing about a recent boil-water advisory issued by the city.

The restaurant is far from the candy-colored facades of the French Quarter and fluffy allure of hot beignets. But it’s out here in neighborhoods like Village de L’Est that the true range of New Orleans’ physical and culinary landscape begins to reveal itself. In the decade since Hurricane Katrina and the exodus that followed, a shifting citywide demographic has created a multitude of new, increasingly diverse norms in the spectrum of edible offerings, from hole-in-the-wall pupuserias that cater to the city’s burgeoning Honduran population to Korean, Filipino, and Nigerian restaurants quietly building followings across the city.

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