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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Where to watch Super Bowl XLIV in New Orleans - [Curbed New Orleans - All]

Second lines, protests, and other ways to cope with the oh-so-painful reality of being robbed

First things first: New Orleanians are not over it. We won’t ever be over it. We won’t forgive, and we won’t forget. However, we will mourn the theft of the Super Bowl from the Saints in our uniquely New Orleans style: with parades and parties that are part dirge, part farce, and all celebration. Because even though it ended in emotional trauma, this season did give us a lot of reasons to rejoice.

You might still be holed up Sean Payton-style with ice cream and Netflix, and that is a perfectly valid choice. But if you feel the need to relive the past or commune with other members of the Who Dat nation on this uniquely painful Super Bowl Sunday, here are a few places to do it.

Source: Curbed New Orleans - All

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