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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Higher rain chance this weekend [ Local Stories]

The Mississippi River dropped below 16 feet tonight! Now 15.94 feet. It will likely stay around this level into Friday, then begin a slow fall.

There are 33 minor seepage points in the Metro. 168 Bays are open on the Spillway. The Spillway is allowing fresh water into the lake, along with a lot of nutrients from upstream. Add in heat and sunlight, and we have an algae bloom. The wind has been more out of the South, so really noticing the algae bloom on the Northshore. What happens is that the algae blooms, uses up oxygen, and some dies. Bacteria eat the dying algae, and use up more oxygen. This can cause more algae to die, and more oxygen depletion. Eventually it is possible to have a fish kill.

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