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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Mississippi River forecast to rise 4 feet Saturday [ Local Stories]

Potential tropical cyclone 2 is now 120 miles SE of the Mouth of the Mississippi River. Max winds 30 mph. Moving WSW 9 mph. Forecast to move onshore Saturday near Marsh Island with winds of 75 mph. Remember the cone shows you where the center will move two out of three times. One out of three times it's actually outside of the cone. The major impacts of the storm or hurricane can be well outside of the cone.

We have concerns for the Mississippi River. Right now it is just over 16 feet. It is forecast to rise 4 feet Saturday to 20 feet. Levees protect the Metro. Those levees are 20 to 25 feet high. Some areas are higher in bends in the river when the water is pushed up against the levee, which causes a slight rise that that location. The forecast rise could drop, or go up. There will be wind as well, so that will cause waves. There is the potential that waves could splash over the levee. The integrity of the levees is considered good.

The heaviest rain looks to be Saturday into Sunday morning. Flash flood watch is posted into Saturday morning for the potential for an additions 6-12 inches of rain. We had plenty of rain in the Metro this morning! There is more to come.

from Local Stories

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