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Friday, September 6, 2019

5 French Quarter homes for sale with amazing courtyards - [Curbed New Orleans - All]

A French Quarter courtyard with potted plants, a tiered fountain, stone floors and arched doorways. Courtyards are secret sanctuaries for residents of an often-hectic historic neighborhood. | Photo via Lisa Shedlock of French Quarter Realty

Secret gardens are essential when it comes to living in a 24/7 party neighborhood

Known for its Spanish architecture, Creole cuisine, and year-round street parties, the French Quarter is a bucket-list destination for many. And even though its celebratory spirit is notoriously exhibitionist, the historic neighborhood conceals one of its oldest assets behind closed doors: courtyards.

Originally used as carriage loading sites, outdoor kitchens, and chicken coops, courtyards have shed their utilitarian past to become private oases in a very public, tourist-centric neighborhood. Here are five French Quarter homes for sale with beautiful courtyards, which strike the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor living, private and public space.

Source: Curbed New Orleans - All

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