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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

8 amazing spots housed in repurposed NOLA churches - [Curbed New Orleans - All]

A large white church with a porch. There are trees in front of the church.

Former houses of worship find new life and 21st-century appeal as yoga studios, theaters, restaurants, and more

Although church services are one of many things millennials have been accused of killing, Catholicism looms large in New Orleans (see also: Mardi Gras, Voodoo, St. Joseph’s Day, Saints football). Our landscape is dotted with gorgeous cathedrals, including the oldest one in the U.S.

Many of these churches have been decommissioned, abandoned, re-envisioned, and renovated in recent years. They’ve become beautiful public spaces that fill the very human need to connect with one’s community and/or higher power. Here are a few to check out.

Source: Curbed New Orleans - All

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