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Monday, September 30, 2019

9 shrines and altars in New Orleans, mapped - [Curbed New Orleans - All]

An altar area in New Orleans in Saint Roch’s cemetery. There are red brick buildings on both sides of a path. There is a sign in front of the path that reads: Saint Roch’s campo santo. Corbis via Getty Images

A myriad of spiritual traditions and neigborhoods are represented in this tour.

A woman stands behind a gravestone which is shaped like a cross and has the word: blessed written on it. The woman is dressed in a black dress and has multiple necklaces. She is wearing black lipstick. Photo by Terry Gaskins
Kook Teflon stands behind a grave in Holt Cemetery

To Kook Teflon, an artist and high priestess of Hecate, altars represent the intersection of matter and focused human energy.

“Sometimes it’s a fine line—when does an altar turn into an art installation, and when does an art installation turn into an altar?” asked Teflon, who divides her time between Seattle and New Orleans. “If you do an art installation dedicated to a person who inspired you, that’s an altar.”

By this definition, New Orleans is a glittering bricolage of altars and bayous, where the nearest shrine might be inside your neighbor’s shotgun home—or your own.

“All you need for an altar is a 5-by-7 inch photo, a candle, and some candy,” said Teflon. “It doesn’t have to be this big extravagance. It’s just a thank you.”

Here are Teflon’s nine favorite places to express gratitude in New Orleans.

Source: Curbed New Orleans - All

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