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Monday, September 9, 2019

Better rain chance this weekend [ Local Stories]

This is the peak of Hurricane Season. Gabrielle should lose tropical characteristics Tuesday morning. Right now it has 50 mph winds and it's moving NE 24 mph in the North Atlantic. We are watching three other areas with a low chance of tropical development. One is North of Hispaniola and will move towards Florida into the Gulf. Conditions may become more favorable for development over time, but more likely will increase our rain chances for the weekend. Something to monitor. 30% chance tropical development for a tropical wave well east of the Lesser Antilles. More interested in a tropical wave off the coast of Africa. Low chance development in 5 days...20% chance. Going out in time this is the one that models pick up on, and develop near the Leeward Islands and possibly into the Bahamas. Next name up is Humberto.

from Local Stories

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