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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Hot weather for the rest of the month [ Local Stories]

The Average monthly temperature for September so far is 85.6. That is warmer than the warmest September on record set in 2016. Temperatures in September 2016 ran much higher than normal because the thermometer was too close to the new Airport Construction. It was moved later that year. Our highs through the rest of the month will be in the low 90s. There is the potential for a couple of record high temperatures. Rainfall is only .19" for the month. That is the driest on record. Rain chances through the rest of the month are low. The Climate Prediction Center says our temperatures will be above average through October 9th. Even into the end of October, temperatures are forecast to be above average. Rainfall is forecast to be normal, but keep in mind...October rainfall is usually pretty low!

from Local Stories

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