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Friday, September 27, 2019

Where to Drink Cocktails Right Now in New Orleans - [Eater New Orleans - All]

The Loa Sangria from Gris Gris | Katherine Kimball/Eater NOLA

The hottest places to imbibe

New Orleans has no shortage of excellent places to imbibe. Consider this map a guide to the hottest bars of the moment, so only places that have opened, undergone a major change, or added something noteworthy recently.

New to the heatmap this fall is in the French Quarter, Bywater’s the Domino, and Claret Wine & Cocktail Bar in the LGD.

We’ll assume the readership already knows how to get their Cure, French 75, Latitude 29, and Twelve Mile Limit on. You can always check out the Essential Bar Map for more suggestions on the city's best watering holes.

Happy drinking, and as always, feel free leave a comment or send a tip .

Source: Eater New Orleans - All

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