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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Where to Find the Best 24-Hour Eats in New Orleans - [Eater New Orleans - All]

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Sometimes the midnight meal is the most important of the day

Even kitchens that stay open late eventually close. That’s when it’s critical to know where the 24/7 eateries lurk, the places that can satisfy a hunger at even the most inopportune times. This list is Mecca for industry shift workers and anybody looking for a place to soak up a long evening of cocktailing.

Is this the best food in New Orleans? Unlikely, as these anti-trend dive bars don’t promise fancy. But they do dish rib-sticking eats to satisfy hungry customers around the clock, and that’s a beautiful thing.

This map is arranged by neighborhood, not by ranking.

Source: Eater New Orleans - All

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