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Monday, October 7, 2019

Where to Eat the Best Fried Chicken in New Orleans - [Eater New Orleans - All]

Fried chicken from Fiorella’s Cafe | Josh Brasted/Eater NOLA

A bucket of fried chicken recommendations

Fried chicken— America's favorite tender, juicy, crispy, and sometimes spicy dish — pretty much embodies the best of Southern foodways. And though New Orleans is its own very special part of the South, the fried chicken offerings in town are damn fine, hands down.

This list assumes that the reader is already well-acquainted with Louisiana’s own Popeyes fried chicken, which doesn’t even really qualify as fast food in New Orleans.

This list covers lots of bases, from fried chicken served with the good silver on a white tablecloth to fried chicken served in a cardboard box and meant to be consumed in the car.

What it doesn’t cover are spots that are harder to nail down to a location or a schedule, like Bonafried Food Truck and the smorgasborg that is the Fried Chicken Festival, but those are well worth your time too.

Don't see your favorite New Orleans fried chicken on the list? Leave a comment or send Eater a tip and tell us about it.

Source: Eater New Orleans - All

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