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Friday, July 3, 2020

Keep an eye to the sky! [ Local Stories]

Weak front will stall in the area and act as a focus for rain and storms as we heat up. It will not be an all day rain, but we will have storms. The concern is that we could once more have locally heavy rain in storms. Expect gusty winds in storms. Check the radar before you go out on a boat. Winds may gust to 50 mph. You do not want to be caught out on the water in these storms. There will also be a lot of lighting.

Rain chances will stay high through Monday. The ground is becoming saturated. Additional rain will run off quickly, which means flash flooding will be possible.

Full Thunder Moon is 11:44 pm. We also have a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. The Moon will move into the outer shadow of the Earth. You will only be able to see a faint shadow on the Moon. The best time to look is at 11:29 PM. The only problem is that the weather may not cooperate. We may still have mostly cloudy skies...

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