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Friday, July 31, 2020

Tropics are heating up [ Local Stories]

Isaias is now 135 miles SSE of Nassau. Max winds 80 mph. Forecast to get a little stronger up to 85 mph. Isaias is over warm water with water temps in the mid 80s. It is dealing with wind shear out of the southwest, which should prevent from getting much stronger. Hurricane force winds extend out 35 mph. Most of the weather is on the East side. Isaias is forecast to move toward the East Coast of Florida with impacts Saturday afternoon through Sunday. Then it is forecast to move close to or onshore along the Mid Atlantic Coast all the way to the Northeast. Land interaction will cause it to diminish in intensity.

Depression 10 is off the Coast of Africa. it may briefly become a tropical storm, but it is forecast to become a remnant low within 24 hours.

30% chance tropical development for a tropical wave 700 miles East of the Lesser Antilles.

from Local Stories

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