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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

8 Spots to Slurp Oysters Outside Right Now - [Eater New Orleans - All]

Mosquito Supper Club is now serving oysters in its garden | Mosquito Supper Club/Facebook

The time is right to enjoy fresh oysters on these restaurant patios

Ok, so oysters are always in season. But the old adage that oysters eaten during months with an “r” in them still resonates, with oysters harvested in cooler months tasting especially sweet. We’re looking at nothing but “r” months until next May, which means right this minute is prime time for oyster slurping. While chargrilled are over the top delicious, this lineup is all about swallowing a briny, ice cold raw oyster (or 12) that transports a body to the sea. If the beach isn’t on the immediate horizon, order a dozen bivalves and savor a tasty staycation.

Don’t see a favorite outdoor oyster setting listed here? Leave a comment or send an email.

Source: Eater New Orleans - All

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