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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Forecast to make landfall as a hurricane [ Local Stories]

Tropical Storm Sally is forecast to be a hurricane when it makes landfall early Tuesday morning. Max winds forecast are 90 mph which is a strong Cat 1 Hurricane. It is just short of a Cat 2. Sally is a slow mover. That means heavy rain potential. Right now rainfall forecast is 4-8-12 inches of rain. The heaviest rain will be on the East side of Sally. Right now Sally is lopsided. The Heavier rain is on the East Side with very little activity on the West Side. That is because Sally is dealing with dry air and some strong winds aloft. An upper high will direct it our way. When Sally moves under that upper high, it will deal with less wind shear. It will be over warm water. Water temperatures are in the mid 80s. There is the potential during that time for Sally to intensify. Sally is forecast to cause a storm surge of 4-7 feet west of the Mouth of the River, 7-11 feet East of the River to the Mississippi/Alabama border and 4-6 feet for area lakes. Sally is forecast to move west of the Mouth of the Mississippi River. Remember the worst weather is on the East side of a land falling storm or hurricane. That is where the surge is highest, rain looks heavier and there is the potential for tornadoes.

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