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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Storm surge warning [ Local Stories]

What a season! 25 named storms, 9 hurricanes and 3 major far. Hurricane Season ends November 30th. 4 tropical systems made landfall in Louisiana. Cristobal, Marco, Laura and Delta. The remnants of Beta moved across the state. We have a warm tropical Atlantic, an active West African Monsoon and no El Nino. It was forecast to be active, and it is 2nd only to far.

We still have a slight risk severe storms overnight as rainbands move around Delta. Heaviest rain with Delta is moving into North Louisiana. Winds have gusted to 47 to 51 mph, but reports on the Causeway of a wind gust of 68 mph. The winds are onshore, and concern for water being pushed onshore. High tides are in the morning, so expect a rise in the water in the morning as well. During the day the wind will become westerly, and the water will begin to be pushed out of the Lakes.

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